Saturday 23rd May 2015 - Married for 1639 days

About Us


GuyI am a lucky man who managed to Marry the most beautiful and awesome woman ever.
I am also a father! With Baby Theo on the way!


RebekahChristian,Soprano, Aussie, Jesus Freak, Red wine drinker, Wife, Mother, Cross-stitch enthusiast, Romantic, Disney Lover, and Gilbert and Sullivan Fan!

How we met...

He said...
I first met Rebekah after church at the pub. A bunch of us were in the pub talking about all sorts of things ... and then a big "HELLO EVERYONE" appeared. She was Beautiful and instantly lit up the room and started chatting to everyone.
So the first thing I did was to test her mettle a bit and tease her a little. She managed to give as good as she got and made me smile many times that night. From that point on I had find out more about her! I spent every Sunday evening at church, the pub.. the holiday inn bar afterwards! Eventually I plucked up the courage to ask her out and was horrified to have no reply.... for about two minutes!!! Until finally she said yes.

She said...
I first met Guy in the pub, having 'clocked him' previously at church. Having said hello he then proceeded to mock everything about me from my hand gestures to how I spoke, this did not go down well! Fortunately he redeemed himself over time by his honesty, curiosity and attentiveness, although he denied liking me for ages. Convinced that something was going after he came to see me in a Gilbert and Sullivan concert I asked some friends to suss him out. I was assured that he viewed me only as a friend so when he finally asked me out, my initial thought was "I knew it!" so I didn't answer immediately but I did know that we would be married and that he would be stuck listening to Gilbert and Sullivan for the rest of our lives.

The proposal...

He said...
I had spent many hours fretting and planning this day. It had to be perfect! I had meticulously gone though my different ideas and plans until I found one which was just right. The chocolates, her favourite of course purchased from Paul A Young in soho.
The Champagne, Veuve Clicquot carefully stashed away in my back pack wrapped in ice.
The location, St Dunstan-in-the-East, a beautiful old church surrounded by flowers.
I in my usual manner had left things a little to the last minute, only arriving an hour ahead of time at 10am. After checking out the venue and freaking out as about 50 tourists were walking around with cameras taking pictures of everything I headed back to monument to find my beautiful fiancee. When I arrived for the first time in my life I saw before me a nervous Bekah! She was wearing a beautiful yellow summer dress and looked amazing. I stood there smiling while she talked away, talking about this that and the other, all the while I was walking her a round about route to the old church.
We finally arrived and I sat her down in a secluded area (thankfully all the tourists had gone!). Now it was my time to be nervous, my prepared speech had completely left my mind, so I said the things that I knew, that I loved her, that she was beautiful, that I thanked god for bringing us together. I then said "Rebekah Freda Engeler, would you marry me?" and said said "yes!"..... not! I had forgotten to get on one knee, and she pointed it out straight away, "you arn't on one knee!" she said. Shocked I realised my error and started to go down and one knee and she instantly shouted "Yes I do!" and kissed me.

She said...
Guy had told me to keep the Friday he proposed free ALL day, so I knew he was going to ask the big question. I was so nervous the night before I didn't sleep and then the next day I received a text asking me to meet him at Monument Station at 11 o'clock. I arrived half an hour early and went into Boots to try and calm down, I did this by breathing and focusing on the toothpaste in aisle 3, so I must have looked a sight. I met Guy and he was grinning ridiculously and had on a very big backpack. He then proceeded to lead me through the city. I was very nervous still and couldn't stop talking, whilst he was perfectly calm. Finally we arrived at a ruined Wren church and he led me to a bench where he then proceeded to give me a box of my favourite chocolates and said lots of very lovely things about me, none of which I remember as I was so nervous, however when he said' Rebekah Freda Engeler will you marry me?' my response was 'you aren't kneeling down' so very dramatically he kneeled and I kissed him and said yes even before he asked the question again. He then produced a bottle of my favourite champagne and we proceeded to drink the whole bottle.